LENCENT FM Transmitter, Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless Radio Adapter Car Kit

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with Dual USB Charging Car Charger MP3 Player Support TF Card & USB Disk

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  • Crystal Clear Music Streaming – LENCENT T25 is anti- statics designed, and equipped with noise and wind suppressed by CVC technology that can achieve full duplex sound quality. You can stream music on your car stereo via Bluetooth/ USB Flash Drive (≤32GB) / microSD Card (≤32GB). WMA MP3 WAV APE FLAC music formats are all supported.
  • Intelligent Dual USB Ports & Safe Charging – Coming with 2 USB ports(5V-2.4A and 5V-1A), you can charge two devices simultaneously. Built-in over-current protection, over-voltage protection, intelligent temperature control, short circuit protection, it will effectively ensure safe charging.
  • Hands-Free Calling & Voice Navigation – Bluetooth provides a stable connection, while Noise Suppression (CVC) technology grants an amazing hands-free calling experience. Besides, you can also get clear voice navigation from your phone’s app, which means driving will be more safely.
  • Car Battery Voltage Detection & Blue Ambient Light – The FM transmitter will display car’s voltage when plugged into the cigarette lighter. Keep abreast of car battery health at all times to avoid problems when driving. With the circle of blue backlight around this car charger, it will greatly simplify your operation for safer driving.
  • Wider Range & Compatibility – This Bluetooth transmitter is well compatible with most of the smartphones and more devices that equipped with bluetooth function. Also, with the wider range from 87.5MHz – 108 MHz, you can get more stable and consequent music experience without interference. Meanwhile please be attention it requires the size of your car cigarette lighter should be at least 20.7mm width, otherwise it may not fit your car.

13 reviews for LENCENT FM Transmitter, Bluetooth FM Transmitter Wireless Radio Adapter Car Kit

  1. Scott L.

    Muy contento con la compra de este dispositivo. Simplemente es un articulo genial. Revivió mi Honda Accord 2007. Fácil de configurar y excelente calidad de sonido. Ahora puedo escuchar con una claridad sorprendente mis playlist de música en todas las plataformas. Una de las mejores compras que haya realizado. Relación Calidad:Precio excelente.

  2. Sharon

    It works perfectly.
    Does exactly as stated.

  3. Sarah

    Very easy to set up, it is very good, exactly what I need! I can finally connect my phone to my carplay.

  4. Scott L.

    I’m really glad I chose one of these based on reviews. This one seemed to have the highest reviews – especially at the (low) price range.

    Works great. Loaded a bunch of music onto a 32gb mini card, popped it in, plugged into the cigarette lighter and saw that it was on 88.1 fm – turned on the car radio, dialed over to 88.1 – and my music was already on – clear as a bell.

    This thing is small – much smaller than I expected and this is good as it is unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way. I put my phone cord charger into it and charged my phone while I was listening to music so that seems to work OK.

    Changing from song to song is easy – the ONLY drawback I see is that you can’t fast forward within the song, you can only jump from song to song and start at the beginning of the song.

    I read in several reviews that static can be heard if you really turn it up or listen to something with a lot of dead sound space like an e-book. Here is what I found – if you have the volume low on the transmitter and turn your radio volume up high, you do hear static. If you turn the transmitter volume to maximum and put your car stereo volume to the 30-50% range, I couldn’t hear any static at all. It seemed to be a sliding scale, the less transmitter volume and more car volume, the more static. With the transmitter on full and car stereo turned down, while listening to an acoustic guitar and singer, I couldn’t hear ANY static – sounded as good as on my home stereo or Bluetooth headphones.

    I’m VERY satisfied with this transmitter, it is well worth the price.

  5. Ha Nguyen

    Easy to use on my Corolla 2007. Literally plug and play with less than 1 minute of setting up.

    Volume is small on its own but nothing a good cranking up on the central volume couldn’t fix. Phonecall was clear enough on my end and on the other end no problem of hearing what I said either.

  6. nzstubbies

    Easy to setup, took maybe 2 mins to get it up and running. It works really well the only issue is that there is not really an in built amplifier so the volume on the headunit itself needs to be cranked up for it to be at a good listening level. I have not experienced any hissing or feedback noises from it and the quality of the audio is good. Its just a little quiet

  7. Anna

    I bought a 2007 Jeep with no USB port/bluethoot and this device has let me connect my phone and listen music. I normally plug a usb with all my music. Good sound/price

  8. Benjamin S.

    This product is not bad. It works OK, but the main problem is that the maximum volume just isn’t high enough. With my phone on maximum volume, this transmitter at maximum volume, and my car stereo turned up to max as well, I get a good ‘medium’ level of output volume, but if there is any ambient sound and I’m listening to a podcast, I can’t hear what is being said clearly. Not sure why this happens but it’s a big problem. I’m afraid I wouldn’t recommend this product for that reason.

  9. James Watkiss

    This added blue tooth music and phone to my old SUV, which would have cost a lot of money to do by replacing the head unit. I plugged it into the cigarrette lighter socket. It found the radio in seconds and it plays music from my phone, or from a USB stick, or from a min SD Card. it answered the phone and muted the music, then it hung up and restarted the music. It has both charging and data ports fro my dashcam. Absolutely brilliant piece of equipment. I had even considered selling my car, now there is no need.
    Thanks. James Watkiss

  10. Emily situm


  11. Sam

    Its a great device. Easy to Install. As of now its working fine and I think this will last long 🙂

  12. S.E.C.G.

    I am beyond impressed with this Bluetooth FM Transmitter! I’ve been using it in my 2002 Camry for the past four months, and it has been an absolute game-changer. Setting it up was a breeze – it was so simple to use that I didn’t even need to glance at the instructions! The sound quality is fantastic, and the FM transmitter works like a charm, allowing me to play my favorite music from my phone through my car speakers effortlessly.

    What’s even more impressive is its durability. My car is a bit chaotic, and this transmitter has been bumped and bonked numerous times, yet it hasn’t broken or shown any signs of wear and tear. I’ve even accidentally dropped it a couple of times, but it’s still going strong!

    Considering its affordable price, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can confidently say that this Bluetooth FM Transmitter has exceeded all my expectations. If you’re in need of a reliable and budget-friendly solution to upgrade your car audio system, look no further – this is the one!

  13. José Luiz Rocha

    Är så nöjd med denna sändare, funkar kanon med min iPhone i min lastbil 🙂

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