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  • The speakers inside the EarPods have been engineered to maximise sound output, which means you get high-quality audio.
  • The EarPods (USB-C) also include a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music and video, and answer or end calls with a press of the remote.
  • Designed by Apple
  • Deeper, richer bass tones
  • Greater protection from sweat and water

13 reviews for Apple EarPods (USB-C) ​​​​​​​

  1. Stephen Wells

    The Apple EarPods with USB-C connector are a great addition to the company’s audio accessory lineup, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for those integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

    Firstly, the design of the EarPods maintains Apple’s minimalist and sleek aesthetic. The white, glossy finish is both stylish and durable, fitting comfortably in my ears. Unlike their wireless counterparts, these EarPods eliminate the worry of battery life or connectivity issues, providing a plug-and-play experience that is both reliable and hassle-free. I have also discovered they are also much harder to lose than AirPods and other bluetooth earbud head phones.

    I have accidentally put my EarPods through the wash on several occasions and they still work perfectly and come out sparkling clean 🙂 (This is not however recommended)

    Sound quality is where these EarPods shine. They deliver clear, balanced audio with decent bass performance, which is impressive for earbuds at this price point. Whether you’re listening to music, taking calls, or watching videos, the audio is crisp and immersive. Additionally, the inline remote is a convenient feature, allowing for easy control over audio playback and call handling without needing to reach for your device. I also find the remote controls so much easier to use than with AirPods and other bluetooth headphones.

    I have bought several non-Apple wired ear phones and they have always disappointed with poor sound quality and durability.

    The EarPods USB-C connection is particularly beneficial for users of newer Apple devices, which have transitioned away from the traditional headphone jack. This compatibility extends to many other modern devices, making these EarPods versatile for a range of users. I also use mine on my MacBook Air which is super convenient.

    However, it’s worth noting that while the EarPods provide good sound quality for everyday use, they may not satisfy audiophiles seeking high-end audio fidelity. Also, the lack of Bluetooth connectivity means you’re tethered to your device, which can be a drawback for those preferring wireless freedom.

    In conclusion, the Apple EarPods with USB-C connector are a solid choice for anyone looking for reliable, good-quality earbuds compatible with the latest devices. They offer the typical Apple quality in terms of design and functionality, making them a worthwhile investment for everyday use. Definitely my my #1 choice for wired ear bud style headphones!

  2. Naty

    Great quality, so much easier then going to the shops. Delivery fast and easy!

  3. Muhammad Faezin

    It’s as it’s always been.

  4. Muhammad Faezin

    It’s works pretty well with my iPhone 15 Pro and MacBook Air as long as you update them to the latest software version (had this issue but then went to look up on apples website)

  5. Angela

    Their pretty good

  6. Anon

    Great product. Prompt delivery.

  7. Danny

    Good audio for price, mic is okay. Good value.

  8. Chrissie

    Like: Not as expensive but priced reasonable; a perfect companion for my 2022’s MacBook Air which I listened to music/podcast occasionally (I also used it for sleeping as my table is closed to my bed).
    Dislike: Nothing to complain about.

    In my opinion, this EarPod from Apple is not as expensive; sound quality is decent to my taste (I’m not an audiophile).

  9. Stephen Wells

    I wanted one thing as backup when all Bluetooth, wireless earbuds, headset, headphone runs out of battery and gives up, you are in a meeting that’s important.

    Apple wired usb c is your answer.

    I use it with my apple products, office windows laptop for Microsoft teams meetings, it works just fine, never gives up on me, I have usb c and 3.5 mm both, i have used with office laptops, reliable products.
    I use it with my android samsung z fold 4
    as well.
    For the price it’s the best and most reliable through years, nothing else beats it, I wasted enough money to know that now, I even bought Microsoft certified teams Bluetooth headphones that has issues too.

    Save your money 💰 🤑 get this.

  10. Beth

    The media could not be loaded.

     These work perfect in a samsung phone. The bass is far superior. I am also a audio engineer by trade. I can highly recommend these OVER the tinny ‘no bass’ samsung akg ones. 5 stars! Also great for listening to wreign dj sets over on youtube! 👀

  11. Sagar

    I have a Google pixel 7, but I wanted some comfortable headphones. The in ear buds I normally use are great quality, but my ears often just get sore from the in ear tips, no matter the size. I remembered how comfortable these apple earbuds are, and luckily you can get them with a USB-C connection (this phone doesn’t have 3.5 mm jack). I expected to trade off comfort for sound, but honestly, these sound pretty decent for the price point! Not noise cancelling, but nice just to have another option!

  12. Wreign

    Seems authentic. Works well!

  13. W

    I ordered this as an alternative to my Airpods Pro. I noticed at times that Airpods pro used to disconnect during zoom meetings and people couldn’t hear me well, This wired one has always worked like charm and the microphone quality is second to none. I use airpods pro while workouts or in flights and this wired one for zoom meetings.

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