Wireless Car Air Compressor Electric Tire Inflator Pump for Motorcycle Bicycle Boat AUTO Tyre Balls

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• Wireless and Convenient :No need for wires or cords, this air compressor is easy to use and can be taken anywhere.

• Versatile:Suitable for use with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and even sports balls.

• High-Quality :Made with durable materials, this air compressor is built to last and provide reliable service.

• Efficient :With a powerful motor, this air compressor can quickly inflate tires and other inflatable items.

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100 reviews for Wireless Car Air Compressor Electric Tire Inflator Pump for Motorcycle Bicycle Boat AUTO Tyre Balls

  1. Y***G

    Good seller, fast delivery. I haven’t tried it yet, it looks good

  2. S***g

    It is more comfortable than other products when it is put on tires. It works well.

  3. r***A

    Great product. Works well.

  4. B***o

    It works great. Perfect product. I didn’t think that such a tiny product could be so powerful. Spades pack pumps and is quiet.

  5. C***r

    Nifty little pump; would recommend to just keep for an emergency or in the car; extremely small!

  6. P***n

    Awesome device! Must have for scooter and bike! Highly recommended. Regret I did not buy before.

  7. M***n

    Used to top up four tires at 32psi to 34.5psi and barely consumed the battery. Worked effortlessly and simply.

  8. F***h

    tried it out on my bike it works pretty great a little louder than I expected but it worked fast and was easy to operate

  9. a***r

    item packaged well and works as described. One full charge will only be good for one car tire and possible half of another one if completely deflated. CAUTION the top connection of hose gets extremely HOT!

  10. O***a

    I have already tested it in my vehicle and it worked wonderfully the product is of good quality and the delivery was satisfactory

  11. G***E

    Great, works very well for everything motorcycle. I haven’t tested for cars

  12. J***e

    Bigger than I thought, although there are some uncomfortable points, there is no problem with the basic operation of the terminal I think you need to purchase additional parts because the nozzle is only for the press.

  13. AliExpress Shopper

    Very fast delivery. Thank you packed well. I recommend the seller. I have not tried to write later.

  14. A***i

    Fast shipping. Quality as expected. Great price. Recommend.

  15. S***y

    this was amazing that helped us a lot for my daughter’s bike pump up her tires

  16. A***r

    He arrived in about 5 days, in the ball very well and fast. In the car wheels takes a little longer, but it’s normal… Noise has to make, and I don’t care… Super comfortable, I recommend. The battery well, for the ball and 4 wheels from the 2.0 to 2.50 and I had plenty of battery… For € 13 is great…

  17. k***r

    I received the package before the estimated delivery date and time.The unit is just as described by your Internet store,I will purchased another in the near future.A great deal.

  18. A***n

    This little tool WORKS. I love at it is programmable to the needed tire pressure, and it retains the setting in memory so every time I go to top off my bicycle tires it pumps them to the correct pressure and stops. Also, it tells you immediately what the pressure is before you start pumping, so you know about how long it will take. I was surprised that this little cordless machine pumps more quickly and quietly than my older tire inflator, which runs off my car battery by way of a little power cord. I’ll keep it in my car and my phone charging block will keep it charged. And I’ll be able to pump my bicycle, snow blower, or lawn tractor tires without having to bring the vehicle right next to

  19. T***B

    Fast delivery 12 days , well packed I still have the tests

  20. R***Z

    Very good product, inflates fast. It’s small and compact to carry on my travels. Is light. I recommend it.

  21. z***j

    item as decribed well packed, Quick delivery time, working fine. good battery, good to pump 2 tires Frombork 0 bar to 2,4bar, thks

  22. B***H

    Works ok.. but price dropped right after my purchase!

  23. I***d

    Before I bought it, I was worried this little machine would not be able to pump air for my truck tires, but this little machine is great ! Worked straight out the box to !

  24. d***i

    On one charging I have been reduced 30psi about 5 times and more remains battery
    Small and mixed for private use

  25. AliExpress Shopper

    The pump seems powerful and has a good supply of accessories. I’m sorry that it didn’t have an adapter for presta style valves so can’t be used with high end bicycles.

  26. A***e

    As described 👌👌👌

  27. O***a

    It’s good, it’s bad in cars and it’s not good. Everyone is pratsyu. Having arrived shvidko, they are not important on those written Bulo, they will be worn out. I will prevent it, radisibly!

  28. e***r

    very nice item I use it for bikes and for football, didn’t try on my car yet but it works very good I recommend on this .
    unfortunately i couldn’t find option to pump out the air pressure out after use ,like mattress or anything else.
    thank you .

  29. R***K

    Very good

  30. S***g

    received the product earlier than expected shipping, the box was damaged but the product itself seems to be working fine.

  31. s***s

    wow! this electric pump is a fantastic value. it works as advertised and it arrived very quickly. I highly recommend it and the seller.

  32. j***k

    very good had 4 tires down up to 6lb of pressure this after airing them up still had about 70% battery charge left and it is not excessively noisy like other products similar to this

  33. L***z

    The box is hit is not the seller’s fault but the shipping

  34. b***r

    a good pump for outdoor activities. The battery lasts for a decent amount of time and it works

  35. AliExpress Shopper


  36. V***k

    Chudovy car compressor for the battery. Shvidka delivery. Goods garnoi yakisochi, I do not take it

  37. J***s

    Can’t give an honest review as I have not had a chance or needed to use it, but will definitely come back and add more details once have tried it.

  38. S***e

    Hrbrbtbtbtnynynfbb grv bnynyyyyy you know I have to go back and forth on the topic but you can see my tweets on my feed I don’t care if it’s just me and

  39. AliExpress Shopper

    Beautiful super convenient for car and my scooter and bike!
    I recommend it to buy, and I even have 2 now because I like it super.

  40. P***a

    Good quality product. Quickly filled the bicycle tire. 45 psi in seconds. Units of measurement in psi and bar.

  41. AliExpress Shopper

    Pros: This little gadget is pretty satisfying. Shipped quick, arrived within few days. It does what it claims to do. 0 to 20 PSI wheelbarrow wheel within about 5 minutes. I liked the digital pressure reading and indicating an accurate status. Extra bonus for the flashing led light for emergencies. Simple to use. Small and portable.
    Cons: A video demonstrating the noise this thing makes while working was not able to upload. The noise is apparent but not too bad. Battery life is not as great as claimed. Attempting to fill a truck tire requiring 75 PSI was a no brainier… the battery would die before completion and I had no patience to wait and find out.
    Overall: Nice gadget to have for emergencies.

  42. AliExpress Shopper

    Perfect for securing to pump up sprayer with valve stem installed – don’t have to manually pump any longer.

  43. J***o

    Excellent product. I might buy another one as a spare.

  44. Y***c

    I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical, but it works perfectly!
    The screen displays what your tire’s current PSI is, you select where you want the PSI to be (more or less than the current PSI figure, to the tenth decimal place of where you want it to be) and it does the rest!
    Obviously, you will also not find this at a better price (even here)!
    Highly recommended!

  45. C***z

    Good product I have already bought several

  46. E***n

    Delivery 10 days! For Woods (Dunlop) valve for a Dutch electrowelisopedist, for whom he got up to the interchanger, showing a craft, shaking and shaking everything. And from the tubeless Ninebot Segway, do not pump up… Make a big call, Duge, yak compressor.

  47. h***r

    aa shown in picture. good quality. have not use it.

  48. u***A


  49. O***v

    Pump for shvidko. To make the box dint, on the pump itself and scuff. Pratsyu and buv will charge. A robot of a pump of misuse, a part of pennies turned for the school, for the sham of the brushland.

  50. P***m

    Fast shipping and the product looks good. Recommended .

  51. H***m

    The box is ruined…but item is in good condition.

  52. M***s

    The package arrived before the estimated date I did not product the product but without any doubt it looks very good quality and excellent condition the box arrived a little unarmed but it does not affect the product I would buy it again if I recommend it

  53. M***a

    The goods have arrived safely.
    Thank you very much.

  54. A***o

    It is a good quality product.

  55. a***r

    Alright so I’m sure many of you checking the reviews are looking for a cheap cordless air compressor so I’m going to give an honest detailed review in English.
    First of all, it’s a nice looking pump with its digital screen and accessories provided in the box and is capable of doing the job.
    However, the most important thing about the pump, its POWER, is absolutely not the 100W advertised (120W on the box even), at least its effective pumping power.
    It took 88 seconds to fill a 1.5L air reservoir to 5 bar (72.5psi) above atmospheric pressure. Knowing W = PV, it took 88 seconds to do 5*10^5 * 1.5*10^-3 = 750J of work, giving it an average power of 750/88 = 8.5W, over 11x weaker than advertised. It pumped faster at lower pressures. For reference, as a young man I can fill that reservoir to 5 bar with a foot pump in just over 20 seconds.
    In conclusion, it’s a nice little pump and can get the job done but it absolutely is not a fast pump, given it has only 8.5W average pumping power.

  56. t***u

    Very fast shipping. Works well , hopefully can last longer.

  57. A***o

    Good value for money, it more than fulfills its function

  58. AliExpress Shopper

    A good strong pump.. battery last a long time .. 3 bicycle flat tires and not even one bar on battery indicator.
    A tad bulky as I store in my mini bag with extra tube but way better than hand pump. If stored in backpack be careful as power button turns on easily since level with front flat surface.

  59. A***i

    It looks nice, I haven’t tested it yet

  60. F***z

    The inflator fulfills its function, the box came hit but the item in perfect condition, it is a little big but it has good power and it takes little time to inflate motorcycle and bike wheels, you will have to test by car but it looks powerful.

  61. D***i

    Great compressor, quickly arrived, shakes everything💯I recommend the seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. AliExpress Shopper

    item received on time. Quality looks good. Feells solid and heavy in hand. Tried with a bicycle tire, took just 5 seconds to fill it up. Haven’t tested with a car tire yet. Produce bit of noise when functioning

  63. A***u

    Looks very well made. Have not tried it yet. Will update once I try it. Still happy with the quality so far.

  64. J***r

    Worked well, I managed to calibrate 4 tires with 1 battery. The device heats up a little, but it works well. Would buy another one.

  65. j***k

    I bought it for a scooter. It’s still before use, but the wind seems to be coming out weak
    It doesn’t sound very big.

  66. j***r

    Get’s the job done. Pretty accurate when compared with Gas-station airpumps. Battery allowed me to charge 2 bicycles and one motorbike (all of them near flats)

  67. P***v

    Works great! Large display easy to read. Quiet operation. large scope of delivery

  68. R***a

    this pump is enough to air up two 19 inch tires on one charge. dont expect it to air up all your tires at once on one charge. however it is great for bicycles.

  69. E***R

    Small compact, looks well built. Not tested yet. Received quickly.
    I will give a further opinion after test.

  70. AliExpress Shopper

    looks great! haven’t had to use it yet.. but looks comparable to the ones on Amazon for 3 times as much!

  71. S***l

    Works Fine very convenient for Bicycle and Car

  72. M***e

    Very satisfied with my product
    Works wonders
    Good quality and fast delivery
    I give 5 stars in tous points
    Satisfied customer, a big thank you

  73. A***y

    The goods arrived very quickly, much ahead of time.
    A little accept the packaging. Everything works. Checked several times already. In the video in the review, when the wheels are pumped, the pressure reading changes rapidly. In reality not so fast. Thought at first that the speaker was not displayed.
    Noise from the operation of the compressor and must be present.
    Satisfied with the product.

  74. S***c

    They had the wrong address but they came to me anyway convenient

  75. AliExpress Shopper

    Nice automatic pump. Good value for money. Nothing to complain about. I do not think it is louder than any other electric pump.

  76. L***s

    It has good power, it is a bit noisy but it is normal because it is an air supply team, I tested it on the motorcycle and a bicycle and they turned out well, outside of charging you the desired shows you what air level your tire is at before inflating.

  77. V***k

    Everything works well!! I am very satisfied with the product!!!

  78. o***r

    À tester

  79. r***r

    received as described with really fast shipping all packed in an plastic envelope. nothing damaged. good quality products

  80. A***o

    Chargeable battery powered Ana can inflate car, motorcycle,bicycle tires

  81. AliExpress Shopper

    I turn it on, seems promising but haven’t got a chance to use it yet.

  82. A***i

    Bon Prodit

  83. n***n

    Super tool! Works very well. Ideal in a car or to make it Bike

  84. AliExpress Shopper

    The product arrived without any problems, I strongly recommend that I tried. mukemmel…

  85. v***v

    On the viglyad. Good.
    Ale. Baccimo. Sho.
    Will be. Dali. Axle

  86. L***e

    I like the quality of the material, it is very useful and easy to use.

  87. AliExpress Shopper

    The box arrived crushed and open but nothing is missing and it works properly. When he turned it on, he appeared with a full battery but when he started the inflation of a bike wheel he lowered a line. Then I inflated the other wheel and five balls and it has not gone down any more. It took about 20 seconds on the wheel and was totally deflated

  88. P***g

    This is really good. Do you know it?

  89. J***s

    I have pump up a couple of bike tires. For a pump I bought as an emergency pump for my motorcycle it works fine. This is a very cheep pump so I plan on minimizing use so I will have it when I need it.

  90. H***s

    Product with good price and delivers what it promises! Very good recommend. I have already used motorcycle bicycle tires for insflat and the load lasts well.

  91. J***n

    Really really good product. will buy more .

  92. F***s

    Superb quality

  93. G***i

    it’s louder than expected, but worth working well

  94. y***y

    Delay a little

  95. D***L

    To try but seems good.

  96. r***a

    Arrived within the established deadline, working perfectly and beautiful, thread is very thick that gives a certain security

  97. H***y

    pump works great, very small size can fit in my small front handlebar bag. pumpwdĵĥOnly wish there was a PrestaShop to Schrader adapter.

  98. S***r

    Delivery took place in ten days. The product is fine, but I must say that it works noisily. Which is normal because of the nature of the work. Looks pretty good quality for the price. There are car, bike and ball inflation modes. There is also a sauce light.

  99. J***g

    Quick delivery in one week! Looks good, no try yet.

  100. O***o

    How the description needs to prove

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