Magcubic Android 11 390ANSI HY320 Projector 4K Native 1080P Dual Wifi6 BT5.0 Cinema Outdoor Portable Projetor Upgrated HY300

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• Android 11 System :Experience seamless navigation and fast processing with the Magcubic Projector’s Android 11 system, ensuring a superior user experience.

• 4K Native Resolution :Enjoy stunning visuals with the 4K Native resolution of 1080P, providing sharp and clear images for an immersive viewing experience.

• Dual Wifi6 BT5.0 :Stay connected with ease thanks to the projector’s Dual Wifi6 BT5.0 technology, ensuring smooth and reliable internet access.

• Portable Cinema :Transform any space into a cinematic experience with this portable projector, perfect for outdoor camping or home use.

• Auto Correction :Enjoy optimal image quality with the projector’s auto correction feature, ensuring your projections always look their best.

• High-Brightness LED Light :Enjoy vibrant colors and sharp details with the high-brightness LED light, making your projections come to life.

Product Description

Android 11.0 CPU: Allwinner H713 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 GPU:Mali-G31supports OpenGL ES3.2,Vulkan 1.1,and OpenCL2.0

If you have a high requirement for clarity of projector, this Full HD projector must be your favorite. With a resolution of 1920*1080, a brightness of 10000Lumens, and a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 10000:1, the projector shows a more clearer, brighter, and richer picture

The projector’s built-in dual HiFi stereo surround speakers restores the original audio fidelity, allowing you to experience an excellent listening experience without connecting external speakers. The BT projector can connect headphones, speakers and other audio equipment through it, and you can experience the cinema-level surround effect at home.

The portable projector provides a 30-150-inch projection display at a projection distance of 1-4 m, with a 16:9 aspect ratio, optimal viewing in both home theaters and outdoor movies!

The projector uses industry-leading WiFi 6technology, the transmission is faster and more stable, enjoy a smooth viewing and gaming experience! You can wireless screen mirroring through Miracast and Airplay

our projector can support 4K video decode, but output video highest resolution is 1920*1080P

Convenient Screen Mirror

Enjoy a 200″ large screen Wifi6 Ultra Fast projector

Auto Keystone correctionNight 4K support Day 10000Lumen180°flexible Projection Angle. Projecting Where You Want

Other 1080P ALwtniet 4KMulti-Functional Compatibility

Additional information

Remote controller included


Built-in Speaker








Ansi Lumens




Projected Dimension


Projective Mode


Light Source

Led Light

Projection Technology


Screen Scale


Optical Resolution







Cinema Projector


Digital Projector

Home Theater Projector


Projection Distance




Contrast Ratio


Keystone Correction

Auto Correction

Brand Name



Mainland China



100 reviews for Magcubic Android 11 390ANSI HY320 Projector 4K Native 1080P Dual Wifi6 BT5.0 Cinema Outdoor Portable Projetor Upgrated HY300

  1. AliExpress Shopper

    Very top

  2. J***w

    Item received well packaged and undamaged, build quality is solid and designed is impressive. The cord has a 90deg plug that doesn’t interfere with the stand. Ir has hdmi and usp3 inputs. Shipping to USA wash very fast and ahead of expected delivery date.

  3. L***r

    A great choice, the image surprises at first by quality and sharpness, without cons or regrets.

  4. AliExpress Shopper

    It happened in time thank you seller good product for good price picture the fan doesn’t make too much noise
    I recommend

  5. L***o

    Better cost benefit. Very good quality in the dark.

  6. J***o

    Sensational product, great construction, robust and the image is very good. Sound did not disappoint either, for the value is the best cost benefit.

  7. M***z

    Reality seems incredible to me but the detail is the sound is very low since I have the hy300 and it sounds louder

  8. R***k

    Great product, more function compared to the previous model. arrived very fast, in 12 days, very worthwhile.

  9. s***n

    It was shipped in 5 days and the packaging came very sturdy.
    The enclosed code also fits well in the Korean outlet, so it seems that you can’t use it separately.
    The remote control is separately without a battery, so it would be nice to prepare two AAA batteries in advance.

  10. W***k

    The more perpendicular to the screen (Wall) the better. Noisy, but if the Bluetooth speaker is good then the noise is not noticeable.

  11. M***a

    Although the automatic adjustment of it is a little inaccurate, the resolution, the focus, and the brightness are impressive for the value, great purchase. And even has a built-in audio that is very good TBM.

  12. E***a

    I liked it a lot, low sound, but with Bluetooth it is solved. I liked it. Let’s see the durability.

  13. A***a

    I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend. I recommend.

  14. W***i

    very good 👍😊😊😊😊 quality

  15. A***a

    Very good, approved👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  16. A***a

    Very good picture quality. Bad speaker

  17. A***z

    Excellent Product arrived intact in less than two weeks

  18. f***r

    Good morning! Super fast delivery, very well sealed and packed packing, super safe, the excellent product too.

  19. O***r

    The projector is as described. Everything works right away without problems.

  20. E***s

    Very good product, best cost benefit arrived well before the deadline.

  21. y***A

    Very pleased hear excellent, convenient to operate the icons of yutub Netflix immediately appear when fasteners to electricity the projector

  22. n***r

    Very good the best cost-effective projector, full HD image, up to 200 inch screen.

  23. AliExpress Shopper

    Very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend very good recommend

  24. r***s

    Sensational the image of this project is a good evolution of the 300
    People of Brazil, expect a promotion and take less than 50 dollars worth a lot

  25. J***r

    Very fast shipping and delivery to the parcel machine The quality of the product exceeds the price really worth ideal for night screenings heh😁I recommend watching on the ceiling

  26. G***l

    Received 3 days earlier than expected;-) very good quality for this price, remains to be seen longevity? The future will tell… I recommend.

  27. J***o

    Very good! I recommend the purchase and in Brazil unfortunately we pay much more expensive but it is the reality that we experience here.

  28. M***a


  29. J***s

    Best cost benefit you will find in a projector.
    Works even in clear environments

  30. t***a

    Great for movies, TV series, fluid system and fast fast dispatch, arrived 15 days Brazil

  31. T***a

    Good liked a lot, I can see in clarity the sound is rasuavel

  32. AliExpress Shopper

    Did not have faith in shopping here, however it exceeded expectations. Excellent resolution, you can add a box box if you want more auto the sound.

  33. A***a

    If not for the spot would be perfect. I ordered the second one the same

  34. L***l

    The projector is very good, a pity that came with one of the broken rods. A little relapse of the seller.

  35. A***o

    Great image!!! Best cost and benefit I saw here with projector.

  36. S***i

    High level projector
    The highest quality screening is very clear and sharp

  37. J***e

    The screen is dark and a bit uncomfortable to watch, but considering the price/performance ratio, it’s a good product. The focus of the overall image and text is not adjusted equally to the center and edges, but must be slightly sacrificed to achieve optimal results.

  38. T***s

    Very good projector! Good image, very good connectivity too and works too well in the dark
    Only point of attention is that sometimes the system will bug when starting and everything is white, hence you need to turn off and plug again from the outlet. Apart from that, really good!! I recommend too much

  39. J***s

    Great projector, for those who want something good and cheap is a viable option.
    Pros: great image, Android system.

  40. AliExpress Shopper

    Very good quality projector. for sharp image in angles has to be straight projection not tilted.
    speaker is not good and has tiny and low quality sound but with bt speaker its all good. unfortunately cooling fan is very loud for a bedroom watching.big flaw for otherwise excelent projector for the price. 7.5/10

  41. C***o

    Top product!

  42. L***e

    Great real top projector best of the moment

  43. L***a

    The product and good target the price range! It is one of the best until the 200 $ But for those more demanding it will have a little disappointment, but for those who want to watch it with very acceptable quality and paying almost nothing! He and one of the best

  44. g***a

    I really liked the projector, I found the image sharper than the hy300. Was worth buying.
    Came very well packed and arrived fast.

  45. J***a

    Very good image

  46. P***D

    very good Projector, great quality for it’s value. the system is quite responsive and the color reproduction is really decent

  47. K***s

    Works perfect easy and fast to install. Need to have a tripod because the projector has some fix position you can move it up őr down and the tripod make it easy to get sharp picture by variate the height.

  48. t***a

    Great projector, recommendation note 10, very good brightness and system, have nothing to complain about, great price

  49. AliExpress Shopper

    I bought it for 50,000 won, but the speaker looks pretty good even during the day
    When you focus on the middle, the edge becomes blurred, and when you fit it to the edge, the Middle becomes blurred
    It’s very important to get dust inside and see it on the screen.

  50. s***r

    Very bombsbhahh hsujahbabbhd cage. X very bombsbhahsujahbabbhd cage. X very bombsbhahsujahbabbhd cage. X very bombsbhahsujahbabbhd cage. X

  51. S***o

    Product delivered on time. I ‘ve been with him for two days and the image quality is astonishing. I hope the durability will keep up with the quality.

  52. M***s

    Spectacular, projector fulfills well what it promises for the value it costs

  53. C***r

    Very good, excellent equipment, can purchase in fear, shipping is fast. On the same day, Note 10 to product and 10 to the seller and 10 to the aliexpres platform is already sent

  54. J***S

    Otimo produced.

  55. M***v

    I buy a second such projector. It’s a great thing. Came in 9 days. Just connected to the network received an update, just updated, the second came. There is no garbage on a white background, on Black the lights are minimal.

  56. a***r

    Great product had already bought the hy300 I bought this now hy320 are the two very good but this is much better worth the upgrade

  57. E***r

    Excellent projector item function as described I highly recommend this item and seller Thanks

  58. AliExpress Shopper

    Very cool!! I’m still learning how to move, but the basics I managed to do are really cool! Fast shipping, well packed! DA to put tvbox in HDMI! I loved

  59. D***S

    Fast delivery and a more than adequate projector. The only issue is that the USB.Port doesn’t seem to support any thumb drives or hard drives regardless of formatting. Otherwise, very happy with it.

  60. U***r

    Very good the projector! Extreme quality and brightness on the wall. Is a very economical way to watch videos

  61. H***o

    Everything works perfectly.

  62. M***i

    Very beautiful and good projector, image quality is very good at night, if you have better not to use the day or leave the dark environment.

  63. M***z

    Very good the only detail is the sound too low although in the product description you will have a good sound

  64. a***l

    Passionate about product quality

  65. AliExpress Shopper

    Great projector for the price. Huge picture, apps are running with no issues. Cons: loud fan and tinny speaker.

  66. R***s

    it is pretty good not bad, clean, and clear, but there is room for improvement good buy it pass my expectations a little bit.

  67. i***r

    Everything came right and fast, I will test the product. Great seller

  68. j***a

    Very good, great quality and much better than hy300. Recommend!

  69. g***s

    Very good

  70. i***s

    Excellent projector fulfills what it promises

  71. n***r

    Projector top projector top projector top projector top projector top project top projector projector top top projector projector top top top

  72. AliExpress Shopper

    Excellent for its price, but you need a completely dark room, as may be useful in the classroom if it is not dark

  73. AliExpress Shopper

    The projector is top too much pro value I paid, I took the promotion and it came out with the tax and the real 270 card installment, the image for the amount paid is top, the audio and more or less, more connecting in a Bluetooth box solves the problem, What surprised me most was the system, very fluid!

  74. C***a

    Excellent quality projector, great cost-effective.

  75. A***a

    Cool projector, handling trouble-free, clear picture. Sound satisfactory. It arrived quickly.

  76. G***z

    I am satisfied in half it lacks more lumen but for the price it is great, in the day it looks almost nil

  77. AliExpress Shopper

    Why did you buy this now? It’s so good. The brightness is bright and the noise is very safe in my ear. I was so surprised that the screen was much larger than I imagined. Rather, the first edition ..

  78. T***M

    The noise is big, but the price is a decent bastard.

  79. J***o

    Excellent projector! Super clear image quality, good equipment construction, audio output, Bluetooth 5,0, dual band WiFi. The connection is stable and fast. Ideal for home cinema or presentations. Arrived very fast, great seller! Recommended to the 100%.

  80. AliExpress Shopper

    The delivery is fast and the product is very satisfied ~~! The delivery is fast and the product is very satisfied ~~! The delivery is fast and the product is very satisfied ~~! The delivery is fast and the product is very satisfied ~~!

  81. M***m

    Very good, top equipment

  82. AliExpress Shopper

    Order arrived well ….. I have been in use for 2 weeks ….. I recommend it

  83. A***a

    excellent product works very well good quality would recommend

  84. AliExpress Shopper

    Surprised me positively about the projector, great quality! Image with a lot of definition (it is clear that because it is a projector it does not have the same TV), portable and the one to take everywhere. Despite the sound reviews saying that it is a negative point, I was surprised because it is better than I expected. His Android is reasonable, so I recommend using some tvbox or SmartHub

  85. C***o

    Great product, seller correctly declared the values, recommend!!

  86. g***r

    Very good! Came well packed and works great! I did not have any kind of problem, on the contrary, very top!

  87. M***a

    Very good and the quality super chida thank you very much😘

  88. G***b

    Good product, on the image, has nothing to complain about, but will definitely need to use an external sound box, because the sound leaves something to be desired, but already expected by the reviews, so I knew what I was buying. Recommend!

  89. L***a

    In fact, the projector is heavier, bigger and more beautiful than the hy300. I hope the quality is too. I still haven’t tested

  90. P***a

    Projector shyk in its price

  91. AliExpress Shopper

    Worked absolutely amazingly, depth was fantastic, blacks were black, and 1080p made a big difference from 720p.

  92. R***k

    Great cost benefit with automatic adjustment of the screen. higher brightness and setting in this price range. arrived in 2 weeks.

  93. K***y

    Shipping was fast, arrived in around 7 days. The projector is a advertised. It is small and compact. The stand works well and balances no matter what position the projector is adjusted to. The focus works well and after adjusting the view size, I was able to focus even clearer. Suggest a dark room for best viewing depth and clarity. The sound is very thin and monotone but that’s understandable considering the size of the speaker. I highly recommend if your tired of buying smart TV’s for $1000.00.

  94. P***e

    Arrived very fast less than 15 days that because I live in Rondonia

  95. J***h

    Good: For the price, this thing is incredible! We have a big flatscreen smart tv made by LG or Samsung, and this thing is way better imo! I made a screen for it thats 60″ and its wonderful. But you dont even need a screen if you have a surface thats flat and smooth. In pitch dark room, its perfect. In a room with a small amount of light, still very good. With all lights on, its just okay. It works awesome for movies and just as good as a computer monitor. You can adjust the angles etc with the remote and really dial it in. There is also the wheel on the lense that can be adjusted. The auto-focus/adjust is so-so, sometimes it works real good, other times ehh not so much.
    Negative: The fan is very loud, and doesnt seem to cool it down much.
    All in all, its amazing how fantastic this thing is for what it cost. If you are looking for a projector but dont want to spend a fortune or are having trouble picking one, forget about it and just buy this one!

  96. AliExpress Shopper

    high definition image

  97. J***e

    Very top this projector and delivery was very fast. I recommend for sure.

  98. AliExpress Shopper

    Small projector, good quality and definition. Satisfied with the acquisition. Compatible with windows or iOS.

  99. H***a

    With all sincerity in the world, what a sensational projector, I recommend.

  100. AliExpress Shopper

    Order arrived well, and on time, I have not tested it yet.
    But after the test I will comment again.

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