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The following resources are provided to help members and visitors learn more about technology developments.


Using this site

How to Learn Online: Link1    Link2

Information Overload: Link1    Link2

Getting Back to Reality:  Link1    Link2



Stopping Hackers: Link 

Security Keys Explained:  Link1    Link2 

Due Diligence: Link1    Link2 

About VPNs: Link1    Link2    Link3

Australian Government Cyber Security website:

Business Development

Global Tech Advocates: Link1    Link2   

Australia Tech Advocates: Link1

Small Business DevelopmentLink1    Link2 

Starting a tech side hustleLink1    Link2 

Starting a Small Business:  Link1     Link2

Developing business skillsLink1    Link2 

Business NetworkingLink1    Link2

Australian Tech Success Stories: Link1    Link2

Shark Tank Australia: Link1    Link2

Michael Jacobsen - Serial EntrepreneurLink1    Link2    Link3

David Goggins: Link1    Link2

Brian Tracy, secrets of successLink1    Link2    Link3

Dr Denis Waitly Discusses the Real Reasons for National Success: Link

Steve Jobs: Link1    Link2    Link3    Link4     Link5

IP Australia: Link1    Link2


Planning a websiteLink1   Link2 

Online Business PlanLink1     Link2 

Business Planning:  Link1    Link2     Link3 

Website Plan Diagram & Page Layout: Link1    Link2


Website Editors etc

Website Editors:  Link1    Link2 

Google SitesLink1     Link2    Link3    Link4

Google Privacy and TermsLink1  Link2

Social Media ApplicationsLink1    Link2 

Mastodon Social Networking SoftwareLink1    Link2    Link3     Link4

Hivebright Social Networking SoftwareLink1    Link2

More Social Networking ApplicationsLink1    Link2

Graphic Design
Video Editing and Graphic Design: Link1   Link2 

Website Design Tips: Link1


Domain Names

Google Sites Custom DomainLink1    Link2

Google Sites not working without wwwLink1    Link2 

Verify domain name (URL) at Google new sites:  Link1    Link2

List of .auDA authorised registrars: Link



Website HostingLink1    Link2

Self-hostingLink1    Link2 


Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property: Link1    Link2    

IP Australia: Link1    Link2

Website Promotion

Add Google Sites in Google Search Console and Enable Google AnalyticsLink1    Link2 

Submit your Google site to the search engines:  Link1    Link2 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Link1    Link2

Google AnalyticsLink1    Link2 


Website content: 

Plagiarism checker:   Link1    Link2

Usability TestingLink1    Link2    Link3

Writing website contentLink1    Link2

Using Google Keen Link1     Link2       Link3 

Planning and developing an online social media networkLink1    Link2


Operating systems

Windows vs Linux:  Link1  Link2  

Microsoft Uses Linux, So Why Don't We?:  Link1    Link2

Chrome Developer ToolsLink1    Link2    

Ubuntu ProLink1    Link2    Installation Tutorial

Chrome OS FlexLink1    Link2

Mac Open CoreLink1    Link2

Working in teams

Working with peersLink1    Link2 

The benefits of teamworkLink1     Link2 

Networking for businessLink1    Link2 

Listening to others:  Link1    Link2 


Google Workspace

Using Google Workspace EffectivelyLink1    Link2    Link3


Coding etc

Coding:  Link1    Link2 


Github Copilot: Link1    Link2    Link3


Industry Associations and Organisations

Western Australia Technology Associations: Link1    Link2  

Western Australia Internet Associations: Link1    Link2 

Australian Technology CouncilLink1    Links2

Ted x Perth: Link



Voomly: Link1    Link2

Animate: Link1    Link2

3D Animate: Link1    Link2

Google Cloud Platform

Introduction:  Link
Tutorials: Link1    Link2 



Introduction: Link

 Web3:  Link1    Link2

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Link1    Link2
GPT4 Assessment: Link1   Link1a    Link2
ChatGPT Shared Links FAQ: Link
Microsoft's VISUALChatGPT: Link1
Jounce: Link1    Link2
Google Bard: Link1    Link2

More new releases comming soon


Colour changing carLink1   Link2 

Electronic paper:  Link1    Link2 

Startup News Australia: Link1    Link2    Link3

Real IntelligenceLink1    Link2 

Why are you so smart?: Link1    Link2 

Videos and websites for IT techs: Link1    Link2

Product review: Link1    Link2 

Talks at Google: Link1    Link2

Technology Dictionaries: Link1    Link2

Creating Your Own Links Site: Link1    Link2    Link3

Other valuable information can be found by searching on and using appropriately descriptive search terms.


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